Dog Bite Injuries – Scarring

Dogs may be our pets and our friends, but unfortunately they are still animals and they can bite.  Dogs bite more than 4 million Americans every year.  One out of every five of those bites causes an injury that requires medical attention, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  More than $100 million is spent treating dog bites every year in the United States.  Dog bites are potentially dangerous, sometimes resulting in serious wounds or disfiguring scars.  Dogs often target the face, an area that is especially susceptible to serious scarring and disfigurement.

Scarring is one of the most common injuries sustained by victims of dog bites and attacks.  Depending on the size of the wound and the area that is bitten, a bite can consist of anything from a puncture wound to a sizable laceration involving skin and underlying tissue.  Your doctor will examine the injury to see whether the bite was deep enough to damage muscles, tendons, nerves, or bones.  Then the doctor will thoroughly clean the bite wound to remove any dirt or bacteria, and may also remove dead tissues from the wound.

Deep wounds may require many stitches or surgery to close and repair.  Sometimes, sutures are used to close a dog bite wound.  Suturing the injury can reduce scarring, however, it also can increase the risk of infection.  Dog bites on the face may be sutured to prevent visible scars.  Very deep wounds may cause scarring and many victims may opt for plastic surgery to prevent any scarring.

Treatment of scars may include:

  • Dermabrasion (i.e., sanding down the scar)
  • Pressure scar modification
  • Surgical excision of scar
  • Make-up

Seeking medical treatment for your scarring is often a complicated process.  Your insurance company may consider reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery a cosmetic fix.  In such cases, they may refuse to cover the expenses.  If your health insurance denies you coverage,  you may be able to have your medical expenses covered by filing a dog bite liability lawsuit against the owner of the dog that attacked you.  The California dog bite attorneys at the Liljegren Law Group are experienced dog bite attorneys and can help you win a settlement to cover medical bills, time away from work, pain and suffering and more.  If you have suffered severe scarring and disfigurement as a result of a dog attack, please call us today at 866-613-9906 for a free legal consultation.

When children are injured by a dog bite or dog attack they often have injuries that can cause lasting or permanent damage if they do not receive proper care.  Children require specialized medical care.  Not only may children experience scarring, but they may also experience anxiety, depression or even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) if they have been attacked by a dog.

Scarring injuries in children can have a uniquely profound impact on children, who can be subject to teasing and cruelty from other children.  Children who have sustained scarring to the face, neck, or body may require a number of cosmetic procedures over a course of many years.  Unfortunately, many children who have sustained severe dog bite injuries will suffer permanent scarring.

The experience California dog bite attorneys at the Liljegren Law Group will seek full compensation on behalf of clients who have sustained dog bite injuries, including compensation for all necessary medical care, rehabilitative care, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery and counseling services.  In addition to seeking compensation for costs of necessary care, we seek compensation for pain and suffering, and other available means of recovery.  We have offices conveniently located throughout all of Southern California.  Call us today at 866-613-9906.

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