What to do if you have been bitten by a dog?

Dog bites often happen very quickly and are unexpected.  Most dog bites happen unexpectedly because many people are unaware of the dog’s body language.  The Center for Disease Control reports that every year approximately 4.7 million people are bit in the United States.

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, there are several important steps you must take to ensure your physical recovery as well as protect your future legal claims.  These steps include:

  • The most important first step you can take after a dog bite is to identify the dog.  Find out who owns the dog or where the animal lives.  Try your best to take a mental picture of the dog.  If the dog bit and ran away it is very likely a stray.
  • Seek medical attention.  Even if the bite appears minor it is important to get it checked out.  When skin is broken by a dog bite it is very likely to become infected.  Depending on the severity of the bite, contact 911 or have someone drive you to an emergency room.
  • If you do treat the wound at home immediately wash the wound with mild soap and clean water.  There are various bacteria in the mouths of dogs, which can cause harmful infections.  Washing the dog bite is the best way to get rid of dog saliva and harmful bacteria from near the wound.
  • Report the bite to your local health department.  If the dog is a stray and you cannot identify it, you may be forced to undergo a series of rabies shots, which are expensive and painful.
  • Report the dog bite to your local animal control office and the police.
  • Identify the owner by gathering information.  Obtain the name and address of the dog owner, in addition to the dog license information.  Find out if the has a past history or record or any other bites.  If the owner is identified then you are very likely entitled to compensation because of the dog bite law.  Identification of the owner will also protect you in testing the dog for rabies so that you do not have to endure the rabies vaccine.  A rabies vaccination can be expensive, time consuming, and painful.  If you can get the dog tested for rabies, you can avoid treatment.
  • Take photographs of the injuries caused by the dog bite as soon as you can.  You will also want to document the extent of your injuries.  Your lawyer may ask you to write down word for word how the accident occurred.
  • Consult a California dog bite attorney at the Liljegren Law Group as soon as possible.  Dog bite laws are complex and hard to understand.  Our attorneys will help you sort out the complexities of your case and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.  You may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses and other out of pocket expenses relating to the injury.  Under California dog bite law, a dog that bites is the absolute responsibility of its owner.  This concept is called strict liability under dog bite law in California.

The dog bite attorneys at the Liljegren Law Group will assist you in preservation and preparation of evidence, including medical records, photographs, and the contact of witnesses.  We are experienced in handling dog bite cases and can aggressively pursue every avenue of recovery to ensure that you are compensated for your injuries. Contact our office today at 866-613-9906 for a free legal consultation.  We have offices conveniently located throughout Southern California.

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